Fairuz Ghammam - Filmmaker

Fairuz Ghammam

Graduated as an experimental filmmaker at a time when categorisation was still fashionable. She is an editor, cinematographer and director working across genres and formats. In her practice, Fairuz mainly explores (auto)biography, dialogue, predetermination, abundance & scarcity, shared authorship and collaborative practices. She equally loves well balanced steady high-def shots and lo-fi trash – self-made or found – as long as the poetry shines through.


Fairuz Ghammam

Belgium, 2022, 15 min

Arabisc & Dutch spoken with English subtitels

Cultuur - Fairuz Ghammam - Filmmaker

This short film takes place in a continuous movement from private to public spaces and back. The film explores how many memories, storylines, and sounds can coexist. It is a journey from one space to another, exploring everything in between. The film takes the viewer on a journey through various cultural experiences, offering a glimpse of the diversity and complexity of human interaction.

From intimate moments in private settings to vibrant scenes in public spaces, “Culture” shows how these elements are intertwined and influence each other.