INES ARSI - Film maker

Ines Arsi

After five years of higher education, Ines Arsi decides to give up pharmacy to study cinema. Graduated in writing and directing from the Higher School of Audiovisual and Cinema of Tunis, Ines Arsi has directed several award-winning short films at numerous international festivals.
She trained in documentary filmmaking and writing at the Université d’Été de La Fémis where she directed the docu-drama “All the Truth, Nothing but the Truth”. Her graduation film “Oui mais Non” was very noticed in festivals which allowed her to be selected for the Unimed Jury at the 74th Edition of the Venice Film Festival.

Flesh and Blood

Ines Arsi

Tunisia, Lebanon, 2023, 19 min

Arabic dialogue with English subtitles


Victim of a rape by her young neighbor, the life of Donia, 19 years old, changes the day when she realizes that she is pregnant. She has only one goal, to abort before it’s too late.
During her battle, Donia must face a patriarchal society and a hypocritical police system.