Mohammed Hammad - Film maker

Mohammed Hammad

Mohammed Hammad is a film director, producer, editor, music composer, and experimental filmmaker currently based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia after having spent over 30 years living in London, Paris, Dubai, and NYC.

His latest musical comedy horror experimental genre mash-up “Yallah, Yallah Beenah!” has been exhibited at the ’22 edition of the Saudi Art Council’s 21,39 show entitled Amakin, showcasing at Ithra museum as well as the Red Sea International Film Festival ’22.

Yallah, Yallah, Beenah

Mohammed Hammad

Saudi Arabia | 2022 | 19 min

Arabic spoken with English subtitles

Yalla, Yalla, Beenah - Mohammed Hammad - Film maker

Here we go, down the rabbit hole into a fun fantasy adventure with a creative and comedic documentary. A film enthusiast, whose home is a tribute to cinema, enjoys describing his collection to a documentary film crew, and suddenly we find ourselves slipping through a wormhole.
In a parallel universe, a group of pre-teen children are sent on a psychedelic mission to save humanity and escape the enchantment cast upon them by a fairy ring.