Tony El-Ghazal - Film maker

Tony El Ghazal

Lebanese director and filmmaker. His films center around stories from the Arab world that are universal in their appeal. His newest upcoming short is a narrative fiction titled Bayt El Omor (2020). Currently, he is also is writing another short, Ibn El Ballad (2021). In addition to narrative films, some of his documentary films include The Artist: Yacoub Missi (2018) and Ana Bas (2019) both of which toured festivals around the world.

Ibn El Ballad

Tony El Ghazal

Jordan, Qatar, 2022, 12 min

Spoken in Arabic with English subtitles

“Firas” is a comedic-dramatic film about a nine-year-old boy of Jordanian-Lebanese descent. After feeling out of place in Lebanon for years, Firas visits Jordan to renew his passport. He hopes to finally experience a sense of belonging there. However, he soon discovers that the two neighboring countries are completely different. Determined to fit in somewhere, Firas goes to great lengths to prove that he can integrate. This is a touching and humorous film about identity, the feeling of home, and acceptance.